Our Supporters

Currently, the Im-patient conference is seeking financial supporters to add to our patient scholarship fund, enabling more patients to attend the conference. If you are able to contribute, please use the Contact Us form.

The Im-patient Conference is currently supported by:

April 2018

Paul Simms

Carole Sian Scrafton

Katja Rudell

Sonia Hawkins

Mark Duman

James Foulger

Jeanne Barnett

Magnus Franzen

Izzy Gladstone

Simon Stones

Pat Kelly

Erin Moriarty Wade

Vera Araujo

Ronny Allan

Victoria Green

Jill Donahue

Linda Abetz-Webb

Elaine Hanson

Sherilyn George-Clinton

Pamela Newman

Charlie Grieve

Jan Liska

Daniel De Schryver

Pierre De Nayer

Anita Burrell