An idea was born

In March 2018, we had an idea. Let’s host a pharmaceutical conference - except this time, patients will be the designers, creators and hosts!

Oct 16-17



A patient-run pharma event?

That’s right. We think it's one of those ideas that instantly seems a no-brainer. Now, patients truly are in charge of the agenda.

As it happens, the idea was first expressed during a conference in Barcelona. With so many people around, a group of supporters was quickly established. We’ve already spent a lot of time discussing idea and possibilities. Our first event is going to be part of the eyeforpharma Patient Summit Europe in London on October 16-17, 2018. We’re now going global, expanding this idea to North America, with the eyeforpharma Patient Summit USA in Philadelphia on October 23-24.

Wait! How do I get involved?

Glad you want to be a part of it. Right now, we’re looking for two types of contributors:

  1. patients who can simply suggest ideas for what to include, and
  2. patients who can volunteer the required time and passion (we think about ten hours should do it) during the next couple of months to be part of the ‘steering committee’, assess all the ideas and design the agenda.